leadership development

We nurture leaders who work responsibly and ethically towards a more just and peaceful future filled with opportunity for all citizens. We believe that leadership should be centred in values and we encourage students to take the lead in whatever their area of interest.  Everything that we do at Elkanah House results in young adults who go out into the world with experience; budding leaders in their fields of interest, willing to take risks, invest in people beyond themselves and translate vision into a better future for all.  Our action-based leadership programmes teach students from a young age that they have the ability to make choices, to influence their communities, to build organisations they care about, and to set the example to serve a greater good.

Our leadership development starts with concepts such as emotional intelligence training and mastering of the self.  While this is taught and practised throughout school, more formal leadership opportunities are offered to students from Grade 3 onwards.  Our Grade 6 pupils have the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Development Programme, which challenges them to complete five modules including a community project, school service hours, a physical challenge, developing organisational skills and writing a leadership essay based on a book. This programme stretches students beyond what they thought possible and gives them the opportunity to discover more about themselves to develop their leadership capabilities.

In high school, our students lead in multiple areas of school life.  Whether leading social outreach programmes, mentoring younger students, building entrepreneurial ventures, engaging in change management programmes across the school or leading social change, our students have countless formal and informal leadership opportunities.