Senior Primary


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Grade 4:
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Grade 5:

At Elkanah House Senior Primary you will find a dedicated, competent and caring community of teachers who are passionate about the education of children in the senior primary phase. Focusing on the education of pupils from Grade 4 through to Grade 6, our teachers and management are able to fully focus on the academic, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual needs in an age-appropriate manner.

We have a strong child-centred focus, with innovative and differentiated teaching tailored to the different learning styles of our pupils. Our vibrant and dynamic learning environment brings our rigorous and challenging curriculum alive.

Numerous sporting, public speaking and performance opportunities along with a strong culture of positive reinforcement help develop our pupils’ self-confidence. We place great value on the social development of our students and offer a wide range of opportunities for them to engage in initiatives that are facilitated off the campus.

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