Elkanah House celebrates 21 years!

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On Tuesday, 20 March 2018, we hosted a whole-school birthday celebration for our Grade 1 to 12 students at our High School campus to mark our school’s 21st birthday.  A fun-filled programme included a procession by the High School Drumline, the arrival of all four campus Principals on Harley Davidsons, a Zip Zap circus act, all of which are symbolic of the creative learning and strong Cultural programme which make our school unique.   Ceremonies closed with the school war cry and song, the Elkanah GEES was electric!  “Don’t just count your years, make your years count,” was the welcome message from Vivienne Jones, our High Schoool Principal, quoting the Victorian novelist and poet, George Meredith.  Vivienne said his words rang true for Elkanah House as we celebrate 21 years of future-proofing children through the three pillars which define everything and how we do things at our school, they are: learning beyond examinations, loving beyond self and living authentic lives.  

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